3D printing softwarE


Simplify 3D - one powerful application allows you to import, manipulate, repair, slice, preview, and start printing a 3D model in a matter of minutes.


Lightning-Fast Slicer


Slice your 3D models in seconds, not minutes. Simplify3D is the fastest slicer on the market, allowing you to quickly and easily perform multiple iterations in order to achieve the best quality.

Smart Supports


Support generation doesn’t get any easier than this. Automatically generate support based on overhang angles, then add or remove supports as needed.

Optimized Dual Extrusion


Create stunning dual-color parts with Simplify3D’s Dual Extrusion Wizard. Unique features prevent filament from oozing on your print, resulting in crisp, sharp definition between colors.

Simplified Multi-Part Printing


Load up the build plate! Easily print multiple parts to save time and increase efficiency.